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Automatic planning of peak valley electronic Wen Yibiao

Add Date:2012-5-4 15:10:19 | Visits:

TT mouth7mouth automatic planning of peak valley electric instrument ( power memory timing control instrument )
Products brief introduction:
The 1set of industrial parameter automatic regulation and automatic timing control in one.
2according to the local electricity peak-valley price, set up automatic peak time, in valley time on the electric heating tank heating, or on the technology of heat treatment,
  In general a few days to recover the investment.
3power data memory, time accurate, good stability. Applicable to electric water heaters, large heat treatment furnace and electric energy storage devices, has a high ratio of performance to price.

Main technical parameters:

1basic error: <± 1.0%F.S+1d± 0.5%F.S+1d gear;

The 2regulation: two type, time proportional or two bit PID type

The 3control point error: no

4peak and valley time setting: arbitrary (24 hours )

5peak point insertion operation: panel touch key control

6: clock hour / minute; real-time clock

7: time control error of less than 5 seconds / day

8 real time parameters such as power and memory and running time : 12 hours ( new built-in battery )

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