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Multifunctional industrial controller

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Product brief introduction: XMT-7a multifunctional industrial controller is set temperature control, time control, system fault diagnosis functions in one of the new industrial automation instruments, the controller is especially focused on the industrial on-site anti-interference design, has the advantages of small volume, complete functions, beautiful appearance, in the bad electromagnetic environment characteristics, and can obviously reduce the instrument screen size, especially suitable for the electric oven temperature measurement, control, fan automatic opening and closing timing shutdown. Can reduce the investment under the condition of computerized centralized control, make complementary products to improve the grade.

Main technical index:

The 1 input: see" general technical parameters"

2basic error: see" general technical parameters"

3display modes: digital tube and Chinese charts

4parameter setting range: upper temperature value:5~ 200 ℃; lower limit temperature value:3~ 198 ℃; fan delay value:0~ 200 seconds

5parameter setting method: panel touch switch set

The 6 output: see" general technical parameters"7surface dimensions: XMT-7a ( horizontal )160mm ×80mm; mounting hole size:152mm ×76mm XMTS-7a ( vertical )80mm ×160mm; mounting hole size:76mm ×152mm

Product brief introduction: XMT-7t multifunctional industrial controller is the need for precise timing, at the same time and the need for wind machine and other auxiliary equipment for logic control box, furnace production industry in the development of small and centralized control equipment, internal controller using single chip computer and advanced software and digital logic technology, a wide range of applications.



Main functions and features:

1high precision timing control

2fan automatic operation management

3 and the variable speed controller speed control button combination, convenient operation of the system, improve the system control part of the whole

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