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    Yuyao temperature instrument factory limited liability company is the" national high-tech enterprise" and" contract and trustworthy enterprise in Zhejiang province". Company production of" treasure " brand of industrial automation instruments, mass production with an accuracy of better than 2/600000on-site measuring ability. The development and production of more than 5000 kinds of different shape size, all kinds of control mode, digital display, liquid crystal display screen pointer meters and sensors and other products, with good reliability, powerful function, convenient operation, high ratio of performance to price and enjoy great popularity among the people the quality of service and integrity and reputation in the market. Experimental apparatus, packaging machinery, rubber machinery, medical equipment, food machinery, power plant, design institutes and other industries are preferred, widely used in temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level, time, count, quantity, process parameters of measurement, alarm and automatic control, many have been " national level new product"," spark"," patent" and other honors, and the drafting of" national standards", passed "ISO9001-2000" certification of quality management system. The company was also the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of statistics such as "Zhejiang Province, the industry's largest industrial enterprises".

The company has a strong automation, electronic and computer professional and technical elite and skilled workforce, production of the "Tai Madi card" is also quite famous playback system. Recently, more for establishing the patent" Wu theory" ( hysteresis sound and elimination technique, see" audio engineering"2004 the tenth period" not excitation magnetic moving-coil loudspeaker" ), for high fidelity loudspeaker to produce qualitative leap to create a new way, make China speaker power into speaker power possible world.

In addition, the company also production and customization for domestic trade, payment habits, internal for the mining, scheduling, fixed collar, piecework wage generation, material limited storage, automatic punishment, customer credit rating classification, powerful management function of ERP software, let all" offensive" rewards and work by the computer to automatically generation, the modern enterprise process management falls to real point truly, make the maximum benefit.

The company has17800 square meters of modern production floor and exuberant and large area of green environment, an idyllic scene can be heard from time to time. Recently in Shanghai Songjiang District construction covers an area of 20 mu R & D center, in order to conform international, recruit talent, service national.

           Twenty-five years of integrity services industry to create excellent brand" brand" of industrial automation instruments with your peers

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