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Power control device of switch cabinet state controller

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Power control device of switch cabinet state controller

YYGB9000products with dynamic simulation map + speech error prevention tips and the temperature and humidity of the cabinet display and control the moving and static contacts, cable head for jointing surface of on-line temperature + live shows and latching function + electroscope + sequence inspection ( nuclear ) + electricity testing, nuclear phase voice prompt + remote and local, split gate, energy storage, lighting operation + switching loops intact prompt + pre budget flash prompt + two points closing circuit voltage measuring and displaying + human body inductive probe +RS-485 communications port + electric parameters such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, three-phase electricity is power and total power ( active power of 0.5level, reactive power into 1 levels ) and other functions.


YYGB8000 series switch state comprehensive indicator is based on the current medium voltage system switch cabinet technology development and design of a novel multi function, intelligent simulation dynamic indicating device. It sets a time loop simulation figure, switch, circuit breaker position, grounding knife switch position, the spring energy storage state, high voltage, high voltage electrified locking indication and automatic heating and dehumidification control, temperature control, heater fault indication and other functions in one, the indicator can be combined, the user can choose according to need, as long as specified in different order model and providing a scheme to.

YYGB8000 series switch state comprehensive indicator used, can replace the existing one loop analog indicator electromagnetic switch status indicator, the grounding indicator, charged ( atresia ) indicator, automatic heating and dehumidifying, temperature controller, heater fault monitor and so on many kinds of control, indicating device.


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