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Intelligent moisture measurement control instrument

Add Date:2012-5-4 15:10:19 | Visits:

XT mouth7mouth R intelligent humidity measuring instrument
Products brief introduction:
1 inlet humidity sensor with a panel error correction functions of the intelligent dual three bit display control instrument. Probe with long life,
   Convenient error correction, error operation preventing field software lock function.
2in the instrument control output section connected with an ultrasonic humidifier or steam humidifier device, can be used for humidity control and alarm.
3can be used in meteorology, environmental protection, tobacco, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, paper making, grain depot, incubation, medical etc.
  The humidity control field.
Main technical index:
1basic error: <±(1%F.S+1d )
2parameter setting range: error correction0 ~±19.9%RH; return difference0.2~ 20%RH control and alarm value from 0 to100%RH
3parameter setting method: touch switch software settings
4: a misoperation prevention software lock
5: three double digit display ( the actual resolution1/5000)

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