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Intelligent automatic stove controller

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Intelligent automatic stove controller

Products brief introduction:

1sets of measurement, alarm, flameout protection and delay function is one of the hot blast stove, normal, safe reliable, long time working.

2control with all the parameters can be input by the panel touch switch.

The 3controller is mainly used for RFJ type fuel type hot blast stove temperature control.

Main technical index:

1, the temperature display accuracy:± 0.5%F.S+1d

The 2, equipped with sensors: measurement of environmental temperature for thermal resistance Pt100( PT ) measuring the furnace temperature of thermocouple K ( Ni-Cr )

3, measurement range: 0~ 400 ℃

4, backlash adjustable range: 1~ 20 ℃

5, adjustable delay range: 5~ 20 min

In 6, a working power supply:220V±15% 50Hz/60Hz

Work environment:7, temperature0~ 50 ℃and relative humidity35% ~ 85% no corrosive gas.

8, output contact capacity:250V5A ( resistive load )

9, size:240x 120x 110wide high deep; mounting holes:225 ±1× 113± 1high

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