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The centralized control box

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Product brief introduction: JMWK-800desktop complete sets of temperature control box with high reliability engineering Bao licensing two instrument for the control unit, the use of high-quality cold-rolled plate made of instrument appearance shape box, the main components imported, as long as the users are connected with and controlled by the load sensor can be connected to electric power to use. Has the advantages of convenient use, small is beautiful, less investment, is suitable for to the 1-4control objects ( such as electric stove, oven ) temperature measurement, automatic control and alarm.

Main technical parameters

1installation methods: table type

2 the size of the cabinet body: About 385× 190× 300 mm ( W x H x D)

The 3 power supply voltage:220V AC (which can be customized380V AC )

4measuring display: digital display

5control mode:

5.1. PID SCR phase-shift control

5.2. PID SCR zero passed control

5.3. AC contactor two or two bit PID control

The 6way : with natural cooling heat radiator

7suitable load power ( user specified):

7.1. with silicon controlled rectifier as the controller for1-8kW (220V power supply );1-20kW ( power supply )

7.2. to AC contactor as controller for2-50kW

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