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High precision measurement of moisture content temperature control instrument

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Products brief introduction:

1with high precision A/D converter chip, low noise voltage reference and the new single chip microcomputer control software core technology.

2according to the classic air humidity and evaporation of the relationship between design and manufacture. According to the site environment, instrument panel of the touch of the keyboard is arranged for wind speed and atmospheric pressure value, via an internal computer directly after treatment gives high precision values of relative humidity, temperature and dry temperature.

3meters the actual accuracy can be acceptance.

4were provided by two precision paired Pt100 platinum resistance sensor made of measurement, high precision, long service life.

5with third separate channels of temperature measurement and control, and can be used for timing operation. The instrument is suitable for the high precision constant temperature, and humidity box object for automatic control. Can also be used as a condenser and polymer humidity sensor production factory calibration reference device.

Main technical parameters

1 temperature measurement error: <± 0.3%F.S+1d

2 humidity measurement error: <± 0.5%F.S+1d ( moisture temperature at 20 ~between 90 ℃)± 1%F.S+1d ( moisture temperature at 15 ~100 ℃.)

3independent circuit temperature measurement error: <± 1%F.S ± 1

4 humidity measuring range: 0~ 100.0%RH

5 temperature measurement range: -100.0 to 200 DEG c.;

6equipped with sensors : wet and dry temperature measurement using two pairs of Pt100 platinum resistance. Other independent circuit with platinum resistor

The 7running time setting range: 0~ 9999 min

8pressure setting range: 64~ 130kPa

9speed coefficient setting range A:A=0: wind0.4m/s; A=1:0.8m/s A=2:2.5m/s wind speed; wind speed; wind speed ( vertical )0.6m/s A=3:

10warm, dry wet temperature depolarizer range: -100.0~ 100

11 dry temperature, humidity control: fuzzy control

12independent loop control mode: two type

13independent circuit return difference setting range:0.2~ 20 ℃

The 14 output driver solid state relay signal: current of about15mA, no-load voltage of not less than12V

15output contact capacity: AC250V3A ( resistive load )

16instrument appearance ( high x wide x D ):96x 96x 130( mm )

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