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Intelligent type drier controller

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One, product introduction: XMTS-7WJ intelligent type dryer controller is designed for a variety of drying process, decomposition and the aging system centralized control equipment development and production of small, high precision temperature control, heating, electric hoist system of automatic logic control, external conditions of sampling, fan automatic operation management function.

In two, the controller panel layout

1meter operating panel upper into two rows of digital display window, respectively display was measured the object the current temperature value and the measured object target temperature.

2 operating panel intermediate position with six indicating lamps, respectively, indicating the temperature" control"," power"," fan" condition.

The 3panel is working key switch four, independently control power" on or off," fan" stop" or" boot", and the steam heating or electric heating "choice"

In three, the main technical parameters

1 input: -7WJ1-7WJ2thermocouple; thermal resistance

2parameter setting range: upper temperature value:5~ 200 ℃( cases), lower temperature value:3~ 198 ℃( cases) fan delay value:0~ 200 seconds ( cases)

3display modes: digital tube and Chinese charts

4surface dimensions: width of 80mm×160mm, mounting hole size:76mm wide x152mm


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