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16 way color paperless recorder

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Product overview

16universal input color paperless recorder, can input the standard current, voltage, frequency, standard millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals. Distribution sensor isolation output, relay alarm output, analog output, flow meter, temperature and pressure compensation, cumulative reports, historical data storage, printing and remote communication.

Function characteristics


Adopting the latest large-scale integrated circuits, the international plant components design;

The high speed, high performance 32bit ARM microprocessor, screen response time of less than 0.2seconds, which can simultaneously achieve16 signal detection, record, display and alarm;

5.6inch 320X234lattice high brightness color graphics LCD display, LED backlight, clear image, wide viewing angle;

Full isolation universal input, input signals, without the jumper, through the configuration software can be;

A novel switching power supply,85VAC~265VAC normal operating range;

An integrated real time clock, power-down case clock is also capable of accurate operation;

Provide transmitter24VDC isolation distribution;

The aluminum sealing casing and the inner shield plate, ensure instrument in the harsh environment of the normal work.

The large capacity FLASH flash memory chip storage of historical data, it never lost data;

The12 relay alarm output ( VX6116 series supports only8 relay alarm output )


It can input various standard: standard current signal, a standard voltage, frequency, MV, thermocouple, thermal resistance;

The signal range accuracy of ± 0.2%;

The channel used between the optoelectronic device, completely isolated;

It provides a standard 4 ~20mA transmission output;


Software password lock to ensure that the user configuration security;

The Chinese menu configuration, configurable project number, engineering units;

The engineering quantity display value reaches the4 and a half, the display range: -9999 ~ 19999, also supports the vacuum operation and scientific notation;

It also instructed the various channels, lower limit, upper limit lower limit, upper limit alarm, can record and display the most recent15alarm information;

For each channel support flow accumulation function, provide hours of report,8 hours,12 hours of class class newspaper, daily and monthly report forms etc.;

The up to 4 groups of temperature and pressure compensation, support plate, vortex flow device and steam, water, gas and other media general compensation compensation operation;

The curve display mode can be selected or horizontal curve vertical curve;

It provides4 sets of curves for each combination, freedom of choice, freedom to choose the color curve channel;

The built-in GB2312two level of Chinese characters font (6500Chinese characters );

The powerful T6input method, convenient operation. Support Chinese characters Pinyin, English, numbers, special symbols, superscript and subscript characters such as input, using international standards code, to solve special units and a Chinese characters input;


Standard serial communication interface: RS485and RS232C

Supports standard Modbus-RTU communication protocols, providing a variety of data types, such as hundreds of components, engineering quantity, cumulative quantity. In addition to the support of the company's DataManagement data management software, also supports iFix, MCGS, Kingview, power control and other general professional configuration software, without a special driver.

The use of USB2.0 interface storage and backup history data, the largest2GB support usb.

Supports FAT32 file system, Windows can automatically identify the backup data file, without format conversion.

The external micro printer, can be manually print data, curve, automatic timing print real-time data, to meet user on-site printing need.

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