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Six high accuracy microcomputer regulator

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Product brief introduction: this type of instruments used in the United States of America 's new 24bit A/D conversion chip and ultra low noise voltage reference and the new single chip computer control technology, the instrument has high accuracy deviation indicator light display, analog output, high output resolution and feedback type load regulation function, under ideal conditions, can be± 0.003 ℃control stability, suitable for high precision constant temperature trough temperature control. Can be widely applied to the single crystal furnace, fiber production, one or two standard platinum resistance measurement. XMTS-71thermocouple; XMTS-72with thermal resistance; the other input mode can make a special order.

Main technical index:

1basic error: < 0.05%F.S+3d

2measuring range: -100.000 ~ 300;0~ 1600 ℃; -50.0 ~ 1300℃.

3deviation display range: -0.03 ~ 0.03( -100.000 ~ 300)

4: Pt100, Pt1000equipped with sensors, S, K etc.

5temperature coefficient: at 0~ 50 ℃range from 20when in use,≤ 0.005%/ ℃

The 6 output controllable silicon trigger signal: amplitude width≥ 3V,≥ 40 μ s

7parameter setting range:

7.1control: full range from 0 to100% meters

Alarm 7.2: full range from 0 to100% meters

7.3sensor error correction range: -2.000℃ ~ 2

7.4proportional band ( P ):0%~ 20%

7.5integral time ( I ):0s to 3000s

7.6differential time ( D ):0s to 3000s

The 7.7 output limit:40%~ 100%

8alarm contact capacity; AC250V3A

9:220V± 10% 50Hz AC power supply

Instrument appearance (width x depth; mm XMTS: ):80x 160x 130x 96x 130; XMTA:96; XMT: 160x 80x 130

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