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Chinese screen parameter centralized controller

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Product Brief: Chinese screen environment of a new generation of industrial instrumentation, with multiple channels and multiple parameters with the screen display and" once more" page screen function, language environment visual display of working status, human-computer interface friendly, operation is not easy to make a mistake. The Bao licensing products reliable and unique software design the measurement is made, adjust and control the overall effect close to perfect. A meter can be completed at the same time required for several other instrument combination can realize the function, with each channel input calculation, high cost performance, the representative of the current industrial automation instruments of advanced level. Coordinates input from sensors and the voltage, current signal, and can be used for temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow rate, time, location, number of parameters measurement and control. Can be widely used in metallurgy, textile, rubber and plastics machinery, printing and packaging machinery, test box, refrigeration, chemical, medical and other industries to make high-grade system centralized automatic measurement and control. 

Main technical parameters:

1display resolution:128X64

The 2display mode:

2.1Chinese characters under the environment of digital display;2.2Chinese characters under the environment of the analog and digital on screen display

2.3foreign language environment of the digital display;2.4 foreign environment of the analog and digital on screen display

3basic error: see" general technical parameters"

4 PID parameters: P=0- 100%; I=0~ 9999s; D=0~ 999s

5parameter setting range:0.2- 20 ℃; error correction range -20.0℃ ~ 20;

Control and alarm value setting: instrument of full range0 ~100% limiter output:20~ 100% manual output:0~ 100% delay time setting:1-8each0.1-999.9second / minute / when

The 6 input:1-12analog;1fast analog;1-8switch input ( counts can be used )

The 7 output:1-4or more analog output;1-24switch measures (including the delay time to output ); group 1-8parameter storage;

The logical relationship between the8switch amount specified by the user, user can set the scene for variables

9 real time display and control parameters and state information

10with remote communication interface, supports a variety of baud rate high speed communication

Other:11input signals, dimensions, see" work environment" general technical parameters

12terminals:1-4channel table with the same number of channels XMT□ -7instrument, the remaining species see attached specification.

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