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Released the 07 edition of" Po licensing of industrial automation instrumentation guide"

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     The company in the year released the 07 edition of" Po licensing of industrial automation instrumentation guide" ( about two hundred thousand words )


In recent years, control theory, electronic technology and computer software and hardware, had great progress, promoted the automation instrumentation in function and automated procedures and other aspects of the development of instrumentation equipment, in the role of growing strong, a host of value-added contribution is also more and more challenging. But, because of the competition, all kinds of automation equipment West increases, more and more workers control with high automation, but complex equipment, two the work was by a trained instrument workers on professional knowledge, has become widely popular explanations of demand. Also, industry in circulation, design, installation, repair, use many friends, and hope to have the key can be used for the design of personnel for the selection of reference, and to let live line operation personnel to read, many aspects of both pamphlets, in order to give you more convenience and choice, with the lowest investment and minimum time to do the most satisfying work, summed up the company nearly twenty years of achievement and related technical staff experience, made up the" guide".

In the host selection of supporting instrumentation, every entrepreneur and responsible project designers will be harsh to close the eye to search for" good with ease" industrial instrument, as a special investment goods, this is must.

If the data can give your work to bring some useful help, we feel gratified already.

If you then try our product," the company" would be honored, and will fall for pay.

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