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Enterprise memories of twenty-five years

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Independent research and development of the domestic first complete Chinese style TDA-8000electronic regulator, the following year was recognized as" Zhejiang provincial new product", make the domestic production of electronic regulator out of copy or imitate foreign goods era. After a few years the product was more than 300 domestic enterprises to introduce the production, until 2000, the product of the production gross is controlled in 300000, total production of about 4000million units, for our country light industry process detection and automation and control has made great contributions to the society.


TDW series of new instrument in the domestic first model registration, and the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Commission included in the85Z039research mandatory planning.


In view of the old type XCT-100 series moving-coil instrument problems, research and development of the TDW-2000series electronic regulator, and obtain a patent. So far, the product was still my domestic sales volume is the largest, social benefits the best industrial automation instrument patent products. Was awarded the" outstanding new products in Zhejiang province" and" excellent product" title.

In the city the first electronic regulator measurement equipment manufacturing license. TDA-8000indicator and controller by the Zhejiang provincial science and Technology Commission as " the provincial new product".


Using3 1/27101A/D chip, the traditional nonlinear correction theory and circuit to conduct a comprehensive innovation and improvement of XMT-100, -2000, -3000series digital display instrument volume on the market, and started for defense, power plant, metallurgy, precision instruments and other large industrial facilities, a preliminary display instrument in the field of national industrial base.

Recognized as the Zhejiang Provincial Office of fixed-point machine enterprises, was included in the state plan.

TDA, TDW, XMT three series of instruments" industry standard" by the Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute, Shanghai Design Institute of light industry, Zhejiang Province Bureau of standards and Metrology and other units of the relevant expert examine and approve strictly, promoted as" standard" in Zhejiang province.

TDW-2000 series instrument by the National Patent Office awarded the design patent approval, No. 86300493.8.

" The treasure " brand trademark registration.


Ningbo Municipal People's government was awarded the " Ningbo municipal advanced enterprises " title.

Zhejiang Provincial People's government was awarded the " Zhejiang Province, the provincial advanced enterprises " title.

Zhejiang province plan classics appoint to confirm the "TDA" to" excellent" product series instruments and meters.

Ningbo city won the" quality management award".


" TDA" series instruments were identified as" Buyou" product.

Zhejiang province plan classics appoint to confirm the "TDW" to" excellent" product series instruments and meters.

Through the "Zhejiang Province, the provincial advanced enterprises" review, all evaluation indicators comprehensive substantially more than two national enterprises standards.


Zhejiang province plan classics appoint to confirm the "XMT" digital instrumentation for" excellent" product.


" TDW" series instruments were identified as" Buyou" product.

Zhejiang provincial government awarded Wu Qijun the director of" provincial outstanding entrepreneur" honor.


The Municipal People's government life as" the city of key enterprises".

" XMZ" instrument through a one-time industry quality assessment center reliability test, as the first domestic enterprise with product standard.

December 12th, CCTV news broadcast" in" with 37seconds reported that I plant in the quality of products, basic management, spiritual civilization, practice and achievements.


" TEE -2mouth series electronic regulator" by Ningbo municipal new product identification.

" XM " series of digital instrumentation by the Ministry of machinery and electronics industry in industrial automation instrumentation products quality supervision and testing center of the market sampling conclusion: factory to become the city's only first inspection qualified instrument producing enterprise.


The" digital control instrument industry standard" work conference held in our factory, a total of more than 10domestic experts, professors attended the meeting, made from the Chen grace, factory manager Wu Qijun drafted the" digital instrument of national industry standards" adopted.


After three years of control theory research and set up the mathematical model, CPU chip, hardware and software design perfect stereotypes and all kinds of extreme circumstances and test the reliability of the harsh environment of long term anti interference test, functional and practical, convenient operation, stable performance, price is less than half of imported products, suitable new intelligent XMT-7000 display control instrument through the national identification, and to achieve annual sales of78000 dimensions, for homebred instrument from analog to digital, from the ordinary to the intelligent goods across made great contribution.

" Through the provincial key enterprises site management assessment and acceptance".

After a domestic industry with the scientific and technical personnel to participate in the14group of experts test seriously," XMT -7mouth intelligent display regulator" through the identification, agreed that the product reached the leading domestic level.


" XMT -7mouth series intelligent display regulator" by the national science and Technology Commission, foreign expert bureau, State Bureau of Technical Supervision identified as" national new product".

By municipal Party committee, city hall was recognized as " progress of science and technology enterprises".

City Hall was recognized as" a key enterprises".

Is the province plan classics appoint, province statistic bureau and other government departments recognized as" the industry's largest industrial enterprises in Zhejiang province".


Independent R & D industry special integrated control device, one after another for dyeing and printing machinery, injection molding machinery, medicinal oven and other supporting XMT-7a, XMT-7t, XMTS-7wj2and other special screen type integrated instrument, originally required to be composed of a single instrument are respectively controlled temperature, humidity, pressure, time, fan, position switch and other industrial process parameters, using the instrumentation computer centralized control program.

By the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce of Zhejiang province named" heavy contract honored advanced units".

The Municipal People's government as "the city of science and technology demonstration enterprises".


New products" intelligent counter" trial production.

The approval of the National Copyright Administration issued by XMT -7mouth series intelligent instrument for8 types of products," computer software copyright certificate".

International Registration of Internet Domain Name: http://www.gongbao.com/


XMT -7mouth intelligent instrument was included in the" national Spark Program" project.

A new generation of " silver lock" series intelligent instruments are included in the Ningbo scientific research plan.

By municipal Party committee, municipal government recognized as" top ten advanced units of scientific and technological progress".


In order to challenge after entering the industrial product competition pattern, the company make full use of the automatic measurement and control of proprietary technology and hardware and software strength, all introduced a new generation of Chinese characters under the environment of the small screen display instrument, digital communication mode control transmitter, humidity measuring instrument, automatic adjusting peak electric multifunctional heating control instrument.

" The treasure " brand display control instrument by the Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau as "the quality of the winning products".

" Digital temperature indicating regulator" by the Provincial Technical Supervision Inspection Institute outstanding qualified sampling.

Is that high-tech enterprises in Ningbo City Committee identified as" high-tech enterprises in Ningbo city".

" XMT -7mouth" series of intelligent instrument by the national Spark project acceptance.

" XMT -7mouth" series of intelligent instruments made the first manufacturing license.

A new generation of " XT -7mouth" silver lock series intelligent instrument by Ningbo municipal new product identification.

A total investment of about 11000000yuan, covers an area of 6000square meters, a set of scientific research, production, test, management and other functions in one of the seven comprehensive building was officially opened, the building won the highest award of Zhejiang province construction quality.


Zhejiang province science and Technology Agency was identified as" high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang province".


The establishment of ISO9001:2000quality management system, by the relevant experts assess of examine and verify, through the quality management system certification.

" Multi channel intelligent measuring instrument" by the provincial technical supervision and inspection of outstanding qualified sampling.


Intelligent Chinese screen display control system ( BT -7Chinese screen display parameter centralized controller ) through the Ningbo municipal new product identification.

" XT -7W" double three" universal input" type display regulator into mass production.

" XMT -7W" with independent intellectual property rights, and the international level of synchronization of the double four" Almighty" type display regulator into mass production.


Yuyao Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the company's production of measuring instruments permit inspection ( every three years), was adopted and continuous made" measurement equipment production license".

" XT -7W" and" XMT -7W" series of instruments through the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision sampling test.


With external units to develop new products" industrial data collector", including the industrial data acquisition and control software and remote communication software.

Through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system three years review.

Continue to have the" Ningbo city health advanced unit" title.


" XT -7mouth" and" XMT -7mouth" two series of instruments through the European CE safety certification!

Company development and production of XMTS-7 dual six bit high accuracy microcomputer digital display regulator and 15 road tour measuring alarm instrument applied in FY two, FY three meteorological satellite remote sensing instruments blackbody calibration system, and achieve high vacuum, cold background black high precision control and measurement. Continuous work for more than 40days, stable and reliable, providing the temperature data is accurate, for China's meteorological satellite project made larger contribution.

Continue to obtain" Yuyao civilization unit" title.


Released the 07 edition of" Po licensing of industrial automation instrumentation guide" ( about two hundred thousand words )

Development of paperless recorder and other high-tech products.


Won the " national high-tech enterprise" title


The development of ZKP whole series of new products.

Development of DBP8 eight channel intelligent digital signal transmission regulator.

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